The Chapel painted panellings

One of the angels of the ceilling

The most estonishing of the Chapel are the painted panellings covering the complete voult of the nave, of the transept and of the chansel.

Panellings History

They dated on 1680 to 1700. The painters were inspired by imprinting of Louis the 14 period : Jean Berain ( 1640-1711 ), Jean Le Pautre (1618-1682) or Jean Marot (1619-1679 ). If they have been made by unknown painters, though it seems that those worked in several other places on the surroundings.



Large view of the nave vault




Sceneries meanings


Position of the panelling



On the nave, Sainte Noyale life is depicted. Otherwise, on the transept and the chancel are painted parts of Christ's and the Virgin's lives. At the transept crossing, inside triangles eight Saints are portrayed.

Each scenes are framed, separeted or underlined by large friezes of crowns and plants designs. Caryatids can also be seen seeming holding the vault.

On different places angels are holding medallions in which can be seen not always identified figures.In the nave, painted in trompe-l'oeil a balustrade and windows put the finishing touch to the decorations. This decor would have been started in the middle of 1685 and would have been achieved by the nave about 1700.

The legend of saint Noyale

The Sainte Noyale life history is the most important painted part. To the six episodes of this legend have been added two sceneries, certainly in order to keep up a symmetry.

These new scenes praised the virtues of piety and charity of the Saint.These sceneries are shawn in an horizontal position and in order to be seen in the nave.

Noyale and her father

Across the channel

saint Noyale giving alms

Noyale praying

1. Noyale and her father

2. A cross the Channel

3. Noyale giving alms

4. Noyale praying

Saint Noyale beheaded by Nizan

Sainte Noyale wandering

At the tree fountains

The death of saint Noyale

5. Noyale is beheaded by Nizan

6. The wandering of Noyale

7. The three fountains

8. The death of Noyale

By choosing the title, it's possible to got to the corresponding episod of the legend

The transept crossing

the transept crossing

On the transept crossing , eight Saints are depicted , each one with the symbol or tool of their martydom allowing thus to identity them :

- Saint Agatha bringing her cutted bosom on a plate
- Sainte Erementienne holding back her entrails with a stone
- Saint Cecilia , patron Saint of the music, sitted by a harpsichord
- Saint Margaret coming out of a dragoon body having swallowed her
- Sainte Catherine with the wheel on which she was supplicied and the sword which beheaded her
- Saint Barbara and the tower in which his father enclosed her in
- Saint Appolina and the pincers with which her teeth were took out

Transept sides

The four pictures on the transept sides depict sceneries of Christ's life. On top of them , Saint figures are painted into small medallions.

On the north side :
Christ on the Mount of Olives and Saint Peter
Christ Scourging and Saint Augustin

On the south side :

xxx and Saint Paul

xxx and Saint xxx

The Chansel

On the Chansel were depicted the Ascension and the Pentecost. Above these are two medallions : on the north side " Christ-Roi" and on the south the Holy Virgin.


The Assumption

The Pentecost

The Pentecost


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English translation : Françoise Constantin-Sarot