The sacred springs

The fountain of the chapel

On going North-East, on the other side of the road, stand the fountains. There is again a Sainte Noyale statue, shown as usual holding her head in her hands.

It was here that the horses were lead to drink on the "Pardon" Day, July the 6th.


The three fountains

Up north the village, few kilometers from the chapel, several springs are gathered in the midst of a clearing. According to the legend, it would be here that Sainte Noyale would have let fall down the three drops of blood. Two fountains were built about 1600.

Formely, not far from there, the stone used has a bed by Sainte Noyale could be seen. And, the one on which she knelt to pray and on which would have been kept her knee prints as the legend would say it.


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All pictures © Pierre Laurent Constantin
English translation : Françoise Constantin-Sarot