The calvary

Le calvaire

In front of the oratory stand a small crossway ; It looks ordinary. Its trunk slightly bent is standing on a square basis on the top of three steps. And the sides of the cross are showing a Crucifixion on the west and a Virgin with Child on the east. We know the date of its building by a partly swept inscription which show a date and two names:


«C. Le Bras et M. his wife»

the crucifixion

On the west side top is the Crucifixion : in the center Christ on the cross surrounded by his Mother the Virgin and by Saint John his beloved disciple.

Crucifixion (West side)

On the other side is a Virgin with child, being with Saint Catherine on her right with the sword and the wheel , the saint's martydom tools and on the left a not identified saint.


the Virgin

The Virgin and Child (East side)

Underneath the cross , a crown made of small faces surrounds the trunk. And above the cross and the Virgen statue flutter about small cherubs.


This wayside cross is part of the Survey of Historical Monuments since June the 30th. 1925.

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All pictures © Pierre Laurent Constantin
English translation : Françoise Sarot-Constantin