The statues


Chapel contains some colourful statues . Pictures of worshipping , each of them had a special and precised parts to hold for the country folk ,who goes to chapel to pray and ask to be protected from illness, or to cure them or their cattles.

Saint Noyale

To the fountain



As the Patron Saint of the place, several Saint Noyale Statues are to be found : One is standing near the Fountain, and inside the small oratory on the square. In the chapel itself one is above one sided altar and a more beautiful in a recess of the main retable in the chansel.


Each statue shows the same scenery : the saint holding her head in her hand. And even with spots of blood spreading off her neck to give a more realistic idea of her martyrdom.

The Christ

There is only one statue of Christ in the chapel. It is a beatiful "Ecce Homo" standing in one side of the transept crossing . This statue means to show Christ as he has been introduced by Ponce Pilate to the Jews and saying in latin "Ecce Homo " meaning "Here is the man "(John , XIX, 4-6 ).

Christ is standing dressed with the red coat and wearing the thorned crown and holding in his hand a reed . His hands are tied up and it can be seen all over his body marks of his scourging.

The Virgin

Statues of the Virgin are there too : under the porch , in the retable with her son and in front of the altar. This last statue is probably the remaining of an ancient beam or of piece showing " the Entombment "


The saints

We find also in the chapel different Saint statues called upon by the congragation. They can be as well historical figures or saints known all throughout the Church or even local ones.

- Saint John


- Saint Jack


- Saint John Baptist



- Saint Catherine


- Saint Cornely



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